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Paging For Fire FAQ

A selection of the frequently asked questions regarding our mobile paging and alerting mobile app.

We have recently met with a number of Fire and Rescue Services to discuss the move from old fashioned and limited radio paging technology to a more suitable mobile phone paging application. Both the need and desire to move to a more secure and reliable system is clear from everyone we have met, however as this is ‘new’ technology, we are getting asked a number of relevant questions about our paging and alerting mobile solution. If you have any additional questions, simply get in touch.


Instant Messaging in the NHS: Consumer Messaging Applications & Healthcare Delivery

To investigate the prevalence of instant messaging in the NHS, CommonTime commissioned a survey of 823 staff, investigating their usage of consumer messaging applications for work purposes. This report presents the findings, implications and the key learnings.

Don’t have time to read the report in full? Watch the 2 minute video summary instead.


Paging For Fire Brochure

Paging for Fire is an out of the box pager replacement solution developed by CommonTime. The solution consists of a desktop-based console and mobile IOS and Android apps to receive and acknowledge paging messages. It can also include optional Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) Integration

Improved visibility of resource availability, message delivery rates and compliance with governance policy all contribute to a communication system that meets the unique needs of UK Fire & Rescue Services.


Pagers: The Cost of Ageing Communication Channels

In this report, we examine the impact of pager systems in the modern day NHS.

At present, there are approximately 130,000 pager units in use by the NHS. In fact, there are nearly as many pagers in circulation as there are hospital beds. With a particularly high concentration of devices in Acute Care, there is a significant cost being paid in loss of efficiency and increased administrative support for the out-of-date communication channel.


Instant Messaging In The NHS Report - Addendum #1

The majority of England’s acute trusts have no policy to discourage consumer instant messaging tools, whilst many hospitals provide no alternative, CommonTime research finds.

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