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Paging For Fire FAQ

A selection of the frequently asked questions regarding our mobile paging and alerting mobile app.

We have recently met with a number of Fire and Rescue Services to discuss the move from old fashioned and limited radio paging technology to a more suitable mobile phone paging application. Both the need and desire to move to a more secure and reliable system is clear from everyone we have met, however as this is ‘new’ technology, we are getting asked a number of relevant questions about our paging and alerting mobile solution. If you have any additional questions, simply get in touch.


Paging For Fire Brochure

Paging for Fire is an out of the box pager replacement solution developed by CommonTime. The solution consists of a desktop-based console and mobile IOS and Android apps to receive and acknowledge paging messages. It can also include optional Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) Integration

Improved visibility of resource availability, message delivery rates and compliance with governance policy all contribute to a communication system that meets the unique needs of UK Fire & Rescue Services.


First Response Brochure

Mobilise first responders in response to emergency events and efficiently coordinate first-aid in the crucial minutes before an ambulance arrives.

In the event of a cardiac arrest, a patient’s chances of survival decrease by 10% every minute without treatment. It is therefore vital to co-ordinate first responder care as promptly as possible. First Response enables dispatch teams to monitor the activity and location of all online responders in real-time. As soon as an incident is reported, a push notification can be sent to the nearest responder via the smartphone or tablet app. Incident details are embedded in alerts through iCAD integration along with one-touch response options to indicate availability.


Infinity Studio

A Next-Gen Development Environment

The Infinity Studio has been designed to enable our delivery team to adopt an agile development approach. With a graphical front-end editor and the flexibility to manually edit components, the Infinity Studio provides the perfect environment to both rapidly create prototypes and deploy production-ready solutions.


Infinity Server

A Proprietary Messaging & Integration Platform

The Infinity Server has been designed to support the complex integration and communication needs of the UK's largest public sector bodies.

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