Robust Alert Management

Emergency Paging gives switchboard operators the ability to instantly notify trauma and clinical teams about emerging critical situations that require urgent attention. Persistent notifications automatically over-ride device lock and volume settings to ensure message delivery with time-stamped read receipt notifications automatically relayed to operators.

Built for speed and simplicity, alerts can be sent from the Emergency Paging dashboard in seconds. Simply select a trauma pathway, alert type, location and press send. It’s that simple. Through the video below we examine typical user cases, the alerting and response process, custom configuration options, data security, hosting, deployment and more.

Key Features

Key Features

Instant Frontline Responses

Acknowledgement and response options enable recipients to mark whether or not they are in a position to attend incidents.

Persistent Notifications

Persistent notifications demand immediate attention from recipients, reducing clinical acknowledgement & response times.

Incident Severity Management

Trigger relevant trauma pathways based on incident severity and instantly upgrade or downgrade alerts with a single tap.

Real-Time Intelligence

Responses are presented in a real-time visual dashboard, providing an immediate overview of every single recipient.

Flexible Alerts

Customise your alerts with different options such as severity, priority, location and type.

Detailed Audit Logs

Full audit logs are available to support governance teams, including alert timestamps and details of call activation.

Emergency Paging Dashboard

Emergency Paging Dashboard

With Emergency Paging, staff are no longer dependent on the switchboard to coordinate trauma team responses during critical incidents. All alert messages are delivered directly to relevant staff, with time-stamped notifications indicating when a message is sent, seen and responded too, with results collated and displayed on the Emergency Paging dashboard in real-time.  The dashboard also allows users to easily view and manage open incidents simultaneously on multiple consoles and regardless of who originally raised them.

Instantly Raise the Alarm

Instantly Raise the Alarm

Ensure trauma teams are aware of emergency incidents as they occur through streamlined emergency department communications. Clinical incident details are instantly pushed to trauma teams as persistent notifications which override device lock and volume settings to ensure the fastest possible response times.

Product Features

Product Features

Emergency Paging incorporates standardised pager functionality alongside specific, emergency requirements. Features include:

  • Android & iOS device support
  • Supports BYOD & Baton
  • Enterprise installation using MDM or side-loading
  • Supports Active Directory login
  • Easily view all incidents in last 24 hours and responses
  • On-premise or cloud hosting available
  • Alerts and responses are sent and received securely and stored in an encrypted database on the device
  • Urgent and high-priority pager style messages that break the lock screen
  • Works on active data connection including Wifi or mobile data
  • Open API to support integration into 3rd party systems
  • Central access to pager logs for audit purposes
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