Modern, Mobile Pager Replacement

Managing internal communications can be challenging, especially in a complex, high-pressure healthcare environment. Traditionally, many NHS Trusts have relied on pagers to solve such challenges; however these devices are also the cause of major inefficiencies due to limited functionality.

Intelligent Paging is designed to replace legacy systems and provide a reliable method of communication between switchboard operators and front-line staff.

Key Features

Key Features

One-to-One, Group or All

Securely send alerts to individuals, custom groups or all users at any time, over Wi-fi or mobile data.

Custom Response Options

Improve decision-making processes by sending messages with pre-configured responses options.

Monitor in Real-Time

Monitor responses from the console in real-time to see who has received and responded to pages.

Custom Integration *

Create alerts directly from a desk phone, transmitting voice messages to colleagues & providing a one-touch call back option.

Complete Alert History

Generate a full audit log at any time to review historic communications for governance purposes.

Flexible Customisation *

No two organisation's paging needs are the same. We customise Intelligent Paging to meet the unique challenges each of our clients face.

Instant Feedback from the Frontline

Instant Feedback from the Frontline

When alerts are sent to staff, operators can include custom response options to gauge feedback instantly. These options range from basic acknowledgements, yes / no buttons, or any specific requirements. Responses are then measured and displayed in real-time on the Intelligent Paging dashboard for informed decision making.

Stay Constantly Informed and Connected

Stay Constantly Informed and Connected

Regardless of where you are, Intelligent Paging keeps you constantly in contact with your colleagues and ensures you are always easy to reach. With push notifications delivered over any active internet connection, it is simple to raise awareness about any incident and to deliver detailed messages to key personnel involved.

Intelligent Paging Overview

Intelligent Paging Overview

Intelligent Paging incorporates standardised pager functionality alongside specific, emergency requirements. Features include:

  • Android & iOS device support 
  • Supports BYOD & Baton devices to reduce hardware costs 
  • Enterprise installation using MDM or side-loading
  • On-premise or cloud hosting available
  • Secure, 256-bit encrypted pagers and responses and encrypted database
  • Urgent and high-priority pager style messages that break the lock screen
  • Monitor responses in real-time from the desktop console
  • Customise your alerts with different options such as type, reply options and title
  • Works on any active internet connection including Wifi or Cellular data
  • Open API to support integration into 3rd party systems *
  • Central access to pager logs for audit purposes
  • FlowTime ready to enable workflow creation and Bot capability *

Features marked with (*) require optional integration and/or services.

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